Farm Vehicles on Roadways | Yield Behind the Wheel!

Drivers should expect to see more farmers out on the roadways in their farm vehicles.

This time of year, farmers are often transporting things from field to field in equipment that is designed to be used on the fields.


Since tractors are going at speeds much slower than other drivers on the highway, Troopers say if drivers aren’t careful, this could be a recipe for disaster.

There have been several collisions on Georgia roads where fast-moving vehicles have collided with tractors and other farm equipment, causing serious injuries and even fatalities.

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety says Georgia reported over 500 collisions with farm and construction equipment last year that resulted in a total of 22 fatalities.

Four fatalities have been reported this year already!

Be cautious if you’re coming around a curve, if you are speeding, you could be up on a farm equipment or tractor before you know it.

Farmers should also must make sure their equipment is visible on the roads.

Properly maintained equipment will prevent stalls on roadways. Also, If needed, they should add additional flashing lights so the driver that’s approaching can see the vehicle.

When you see an orange triangle on the back of the equipment, it is an indication of a slow-moving vehicle.

Be careful and share the road.




Source: WALB

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