COMMON ROAD HAZARDS | Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance

Imagine, you are driving down a country road when, suddenly, a deer jumps out in front of your vehicle.

Should you swerve? Should you brake? Should you hit the deer?

Erin Tolbert, A Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance Claims Reporting Supervisor, says it’s important to be aware of animals, while striking an animal is dangerous, it is a much safer bet than swerving and risking losing control of your vehicle.”

Some common road hazards to watch out for are:

Debris: This can be any loose objects on the street such as: tree branches, tires, bags, boxes, and objects that have fallen off another vehicle.

Agricultural Hazards – Agricultural equipment tends to be large, heavy, slow- moving, and wide. Some vehicles may not be equipped with driving lights, creating an additional hazard near dusk and dawn. Livestock can become invisible at the onset of darkness. Give farm animals a brake: slow down when you approach farmland.

Potholes and Uneven Roads: These items may cause damage to an automobile and can lead to a bigger accident involving two or more vehicles

Colliding with something (whether you can help it or not), it is considered a collision claim unless it’s a bird or animal.

“If you were to swerve to miss an animal and hit a ditch, a sign, roll your vehicle, etc., then that is considered a collision loss and damages are likely to be much worse.”- Erin Tolbert

If a sudden road incident happens to you, call 855-432-2567 to report your claim..

Coverage and discounts are subject to qualifications and policy terms and may vary by situation.

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