New Year’s Eve | Fireworks and Liability Safety

New Year’s Eve is often filled with fireworks, parties and serious liability risks! So before you send the invitations or decide on a channel for the ball drop, read these tips to help the nights run smooth and to help protect your home’s liability.


  • Always read and follow label directions
  • Only use fireworks outdoors
  • Never experiment or attempt to make your own fireworks
  • Only light one firework at a time and never re-ignite malfunctioning fireworks
  • Fireworks should only be used with close adult supervision
  • Never give fireworks to small children
  • Be sure to have water handy


If you are hosting a party:

  • Plan ahead by naming a “designated driver.” Make this your responsibility. Remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving.
  • Contact a local cab company to provide rides for you and/or your guests.
  • Stop serving alcohol to your guests several hours before the party ends.
  • Provide your guests with a place to stay overnight in your home.
  • Take the keys from someone if you think he/she is too impaired to drive.
  • Staying inside at midnight to celebrate with friends and family is always the safest place to be.
  • DO NOT fire weapons into the air. Bullets and projectiles can travel long distances causing injury and death. You have no control where a projectile will land when fired indiscriminately into the air.


If you are the designated driver:

  • Be a defensive driver.
  • Keep distractions (cell phones, food, and drunk friends) to a minimum.
  • Make sure that you and your passengers are wearing a seat belt.
  • Find a safe location and call 9-1-1 if you see a drunk driver on the road.


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